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I've recently returned to Wargaming after more 25 years of a break… Previously I, along with almost everyone in the club, used WRG 5th & 6th edition Ancients rules and I have to say I had no issues with them, in fact I liked them and, to be honest, would quite happily return to using them again. During this period my armies tended towards the so-called Dark Ages, a term I dislike intensely as this was the flowering of my Norse ancestors' culture and expansion, and Medieval. I remember having Norse, Mongol, Lowland Scots, Teutonic, and, my favourite, a Hungarian army of around 1445 under Mattius Corvinus. Although I am, and was, an average painter, all of these had accurate heraldry where appropriate. To me, the historical research and modelling aspects of the hobby come well before any 'gaming. Indeed, I've still to play any games with some of my figures! For me, there needs to be a high degree of authenticity and realism in our models. Not for me bright shiny plate armour, vibrant colours on surcoats or uniforms. We need to remember that bright, lightfast, synthetic dyes only appeared in the 1870's. Before this all dyes were vegetable based, which do not readily adhere to vegetable fibres such as wool, cotton or linen - the staples of most our army's clothing! Silk took these dyes more readily, so yes, we can have our banners a bit brighter… Remember also that the plate armour was not our modern stainless steel, but a poorer quality carbon steel which tended to rust at the first opportunity! This was countered by using black lead on the armour. Ironically, chain-mail may actually have been brighter as certainly in Norse period this was cleaned by rolling in a barrel of sand to remove rust, a process which would have added some lustre to it. Please visit my websites: Jacobites Scots, 1689 http://jacobusviirex.weebly.com Russian Army of the Great Northern War http://russianjames.weebly.com Medieval http://bertranddemassone.weebly.com

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